Tuesday, May 31, 2011

note to self

Sometime you want to be there for people where ever there might be and you just can not. I wish I could. Respond to every request, every need and every event. Sometime I play it forward and I intentionally imagine what it will feel like when my children need me for something and I'm not going to be able to physically be there for them. I let it kill me now so it won't so much later or at least I hope. I imagine the fear in there hearts and the tears in their eyes. The prayers they might pray and the frustrations they will assurely encounter. I imagine the stuff I just can't get them out of, the people and places they will gather . The first boy to break my daughters gentle heart and the first fight my son will brave. I have filled my heart with prayers to activate in my absence.
I am also instilling life skills within them now. Its so hard, but I know it will be just fine and God will be in the midst.
Quick Note to Self
God Bless You

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