Sunday, October 21, 2012

Speak the Words You Want to Hear.

Some things we just don't speak about or should we.
Speak to your Heavenly Father first and always, with your darkest most inner secrets, worries and desires. Things live a longtime on the Internet and even longer in the minds of those within ear shot. In no way am I suggesting not to chat with your girlfriends on a Saturday afternoon-what I am suggesting however, as a leader, would be for you to keep a positive word in your mouth. Easier said than done I know but start practicing today. Speak and celebrate your victories. After you have listened to the voice of God and processed his Spiritual insight then and only then discuss your concerns, heart wrenching troubles and negative experiences in a manner of empowerment. Speak to your mountain and watch it fall to the ground.
We all have a lot of well wishers and those that support us and will just out right tell us what we want to hear more or less. They have a very important place in out lives-as the Father allows for this time. Some of my "favorites" are those that don't know what to say during a funeral and instead of saying nothing and just holding you in their arms they come up to you and say," at least so and so is not in pain anymore." Nice right?  Well meaning and sincere-even supportive. Imagine if they'd come up and said , "It was bound to happen he abused his body with liquor, drugs and late nights for years." Way too much, too soon-some truth maybe in there however not the most beautiful thing to say at an emotional time. This theory remains true for all of our troubling, emotional times. Our supports are there for a purpose and to talk to us in a manner that may just push us over the edge at an emotional time is not one of them.
 Timing is very important. God is the master of such. I don't know if you do this, as I have but the moment I got into a rough spot I'd pick up the phone or go to a friends house. Just to hang-up or leave feeling the exact same way as I did upon arrival. Most times feeling victimized all the more and stupid for "taking" e.t.c or allowing x-y-z to speak to me that way or allowing "them" to get me mad - because it's always "them" never you nor I.  Also you are making your friends thieves and you don't even know it! News flash the Father who loves you more than your mother allowed this situation to occur for you to learn, grow and evolve. He also wants to hear from you, His love is always available. He awaits for your heart to call him-He has no where to go , as He is omni-present. His love is true, earnest, deserving.
I think one of the best parts is that you don't even have to say a word. Your tears are a language He can understand fluently. Granted ain't-yes I say ain't nobody perfect and we all have a lot of growing to do. God is so patient with us. Allow others the same.
I cannot speak for everyone. Most of what we are feeling-fickle, fickle feelings are do to our negative self-imagines or lack of self-esteem. The "jealous" girlfriend is really feeling less-than and insignificant . Listen to my heart as I attempt to speak directly to yours. You are beautiful, sexy and worthy of real unconditional love. Whether you are "too skinny, overweight, short, tall, small busted, acne filled skin, dark skin, nappy hair, short hair, fake hair, flat behind, tooth-less,e.t.c" God made you perfect! He don't make no mistakes-including you! You are His most prized possession. He could not be prouder of you and you are right on schedule-you have not missed your boat or your chance. Life is filled with second chances. Love yourself enough to try. He wants you to practice Holy boldness and act on that idea you have been having, sing your song, go back to school, ask for help, drink more water, exercise, get more rest, read a good book, re-write your story. Change the painful parts into powerful parts of resilience, say I love you-you can do it-it won't kill you. Comparison is an ugly word, stop it-kick your inner critique to the curb and give it , it's walking papers for good this time. Time for a new thought process . Let this mind also be in you! Now if your heart listened to mine you will know it because they are saying the same thing.

Thank You For Reading.

Very Best Life Begin,
Shawna Jones