Friday, November 23, 2012

   Today I want to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart. I am speaking specifically about "dream killers".
   I often put them in the same box as bullies.Now in the case of someone being bullied we always like to look at the victim as a volunteer. Someone refusing to stand boldly and demand respect and not allow this abuse to continue. Now in the case of a dream killer you may or may not know these individuals are doing the same only on a much more sophisticated form. Teaching you  to sabotage yourself.  Kill your dreams...what offense could be worse? I'm not sure but I know the crime should be punishable.  Ater all isn't killing a crime. Granted a dream is intangible but just as important -is it not. Can it be proven in a court law? I'm not sure but I am willing to try.

    I am reminded of times I would whisper sing in the shower , however  this wasn't always true. I was the biggest voice on the choir in my church and one of the best if not the best-if I don't say so myself. What changed ? What happened? Like most of us that come into contact with a dream killer, I gave up my power . I was a volunteer, I allowed someone else's opinion of my voice to over power my own. I allowed someone else to decide for me what my destiny should look like. I even began to believe the lies they told and told them to others about myself. I would even describe myself as "just" a writer and write brilliant songs for people without a smidget of my vocal ability. Yes, I committed the ultimate sin- not being true to myself. What a horrible story, I know. However here comes the good part , don't you use love that word however. I am  no longer living in the matrix. I have detached from all voices that are not my own and most importantly my Heavenly Father's.

  I have started describing myself as a performer and a writer - God says in his word I can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me . That is exactly what I intend to do.

  I pray this piece has in someway shown you, you and helped you to think about making the adjustments needed to live a life of abundance and freedom.

God Bless You
Thank you for reading

Very Best Life Begin,
Shawna Jones

Saturday, November 3, 2012


The marvelous power of touch. Everything we "do" is associated with touch. From the keys pressed on a keyboard or smart phone - to the fridge you open to prepare dinner at night. Grabbing the car keys and running out the door, then shaking hands with your new boss during a job interview gone very well. Touch is at  the center of it all.

We are physical beings and the mere thought of being touched in the right way brings a smile to our faces. A lovers clasp of your hand on a cold day in front of passers-by - delightful. What could be more valuable than a hug at the end of a long day when you REALLY needed a hug, brings the life back to your body, or a kiss from your child on your way to work- really helps put the day in motion doesn't it.

Here on the East Coast we are slowly recovering from Hurricane Sandy and all that has been left behind. The tremendous storm has left vast amounts of devastation and distraction. God has asked us to slow down. Peace be still and remember your first love. This is a time to really look around. Look at those you love the things you love and the things you feel you cannot live without. When it comes down to it - its not about the things at all. The people that touch you and you touch mean the most of all. Times like this remind us of how precious and utterly fragile life is. God has placed these very people in your life as mirrors and guides. Value them and draw nigh to your Heavenly Father as you enjoy your family time free of interference.

We are all encouraged to donate. A donation does not have to be momentary, it can also be a silent prayer . If able, donate your time, your touch, a home cooked meal-something you would appreciate during a time of sadness and pain. We are all connected-it may not have been you this time but next time it just may.

Reach out today, after all you were made to.

Thank you for reading,
Shawna Jones

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Speak the Words You Want to Hear.

Some things we just don't speak about or should we.
Speak to your Heavenly Father first and always, with your darkest most inner secrets, worries and desires. Things live a longtime on the Internet and even longer in the minds of those within ear shot. In no way am I suggesting not to chat with your girlfriends on a Saturday afternoon-what I am suggesting however, as a leader, would be for you to keep a positive word in your mouth. Easier said than done I know but start practicing today. Speak and celebrate your victories. After you have listened to the voice of God and processed his Spiritual insight then and only then discuss your concerns, heart wrenching troubles and negative experiences in a manner of empowerment. Speak to your mountain and watch it fall to the ground.
We all have a lot of well wishers and those that support us and will just out right tell us what we want to hear more or less. They have a very important place in out lives-as the Father allows for this time. Some of my "favorites" are those that don't know what to say during a funeral and instead of saying nothing and just holding you in their arms they come up to you and say," at least so and so is not in pain anymore." Nice right?  Well meaning and sincere-even supportive. Imagine if they'd come up and said , "It was bound to happen he abused his body with liquor, drugs and late nights for years." Way too much, too soon-some truth maybe in there however not the most beautiful thing to say at an emotional time. This theory remains true for all of our troubling, emotional times. Our supports are there for a purpose and to talk to us in a manner that may just push us over the edge at an emotional time is not one of them.
 Timing is very important. God is the master of such. I don't know if you do this, as I have but the moment I got into a rough spot I'd pick up the phone or go to a friends house. Just to hang-up or leave feeling the exact same way as I did upon arrival. Most times feeling victimized all the more and stupid for "taking" e.t.c or allowing x-y-z to speak to me that way or allowing "them" to get me mad - because it's always "them" never you nor I.  Also you are making your friends thieves and you don't even know it! News flash the Father who loves you more than your mother allowed this situation to occur for you to learn, grow and evolve. He also wants to hear from you, His love is always available. He awaits for your heart to call him-He has no where to go , as He is omni-present. His love is true, earnest, deserving.
I think one of the best parts is that you don't even have to say a word. Your tears are a language He can understand fluently. Granted ain't-yes I say ain't nobody perfect and we all have a lot of growing to do. God is so patient with us. Allow others the same.
I cannot speak for everyone. Most of what we are feeling-fickle, fickle feelings are do to our negative self-imagines or lack of self-esteem. The "jealous" girlfriend is really feeling less-than and insignificant . Listen to my heart as I attempt to speak directly to yours. You are beautiful, sexy and worthy of real unconditional love. Whether you are "too skinny, overweight, short, tall, small busted, acne filled skin, dark skin, nappy hair, short hair, fake hair, flat behind, tooth-less,e.t.c" God made you perfect! He don't make no mistakes-including you! You are His most prized possession. He could not be prouder of you and you are right on schedule-you have not missed your boat or your chance. Life is filled with second chances. Love yourself enough to try. He wants you to practice Holy boldness and act on that idea you have been having, sing your song, go back to school, ask for help, drink more water, exercise, get more rest, read a good book, re-write your story. Change the painful parts into powerful parts of resilience, say I love you-you can do it-it won't kill you. Comparison is an ugly word, stop it-kick your inner critique to the curb and give it , it's walking papers for good this time. Time for a new thought process . Let this mind also be in you! Now if your heart listened to mine you will know it because they are saying the same thing.

Thank You For Reading.

Very Best Life Begin,
Shawna Jones

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Beautiful Last Goodbye

If it be Thy much surrender in those four little words. And if it be Thy will- so it is.

It took me 17 years to utter those words with sincerity to our Heavenly Father.

17 years ago I lost my Earthly Father, Ethaniel Walton, at the age of 33, after not having him in my life for over 8 years and then becoming reacquainted at age 12 and having him in my life for a single year and a 1 time visit during summer vacation for 1 month. What a tragic story. Today would have been his 50th Birthday.

Before I begin a sorrow filled love letter I would like to turn it around and acknowledge the beauty of this story. You see God knows exactly what he is doing. This was a peradime shift in my life-the transition into my teenage years. He set the stage before he left for the next chapter.

 As much as I would like to press reset or find a Genie in a lamp to bring him back, I experienced the fullest form of pure unadulterated love, compassion, appreciation, understanding, kindness and answered questions-honesty. Oh Daddy, "I miss you so much", is an understatement! You have been gone so very long and so much has happened. It was so sudden.

The time we shared I carry deep down in my heart, safe.  Your love meeting my heart was foreign yet welcomed-from Hello to Farewell. Your love was like my favorite ice-cream on the hottest summer day, the cool of summer nights breezes.

 Every year, every birthday, every child birth I experience, every holiday I cry, cry cry, in your absence. Nothing changes. Now I celebrate your memory and share your splendor for all of us left behind.

Thank you for my very first training bra, I know you were as frightened as I was. First solo trip and first time in New York.  "S"gold ring, my first and placing it lovingly on my finger. Purple and white Fila sneakers, I rocked those until they started talking. Belly laughs galore, man you were hilarious,you were Fun! Singing together, you and I, making me feel like the only other person in the world. Teaching me how to cover more ground while moping the floor, how to brush my teeth "pretty", introducing me to Malcolm- X the dynasty, I don't know is not being an answer, how to bend down like a lady, the many many uses of alcohol, the importance of grooming and keeping a joke n your pocket. I loved the good times, the bad times and all in-between. I miss you. What a difference a month can make, every moment was so precious.

When I gave birth to Shannon-Ethaniel. Hurt by Christina was playing on the radio. Of all the songs. I felt your presence. Whenever I want you or need you I sing your favorite songs and there you are. Thank You.

You should know that I have a love. He is good to me, just like you wanted. He is also a singer. I guess its true girls do look for Husbands like their father's.

At the end of our thirty days, as I was boarding the train, I always wondered why you cried. Your spirit knew this was an atom bomb separating us within this dimension. I was to journey on without you. You did good Daddy, take a bow. I am married to a good, hardworking man that loves me for real in thought , word and deed, we have two of the brightest , loving, talented assignments from the Lord.I am in Graduate School. Completed two others with Honors. Have a great career and most importantly a personal relationship with the Lord.

I love learning thank you for sharing the importance.

I am a fighter Daddy  and I choose the experiences I want to have.

Thank You for sacrifice of Love-you didn't have to and with non-judgement I thank you for doing so when you did. God's timing. You are my hero and until I can tell you in person, "Keep your shirt on!"

Friday, June 29, 2012

  Within the midst of the storm there are several things occurring. One, you have experienced the front end and in axcious anticipation of the back end. Some say while riding through the storm, Jesus holds you in His arms. Two you maybe thinking of ways to end the touture early or how to find yourself and mantain sanity in the presence of your loved ones. You don't want to appear to not be able to hold it together-after all you are an adult. Some give up and say what the heck...its all over with anyway. I'll just have a drink or a smoke or some other quick fix aside from prayer-which pretty much means wait on the Lord to respond. Those things may help you sleep at night but when the morning comes the storm is still looming over head. How do you ride out the Storms of Life as they occur? Think about that for a minute.
  During these moments are when you must make the tough choices. They tend to be defining moments and determine the next chapter of your journey. I think tough is not the right word in this context because by calling something tough, it sound like it is possible-when really its like deciding to lose your dominate arm or your right leg.
 You may have weathered an unexpected pregnancy or a sick child. A less than desirable spouse to put it lightly or a financial crisis, putting you in a position to turn down your plate-an impromtu fast if you will, so that your children may eat the next day. Lie to the ones closest to you and say you will be unable to attend b/c of plans made- so they don't give you that said woes is me sigh on the other end of the phone.How do you ride out the Storm?
  This is the land of milk and honey...right? So what happens when your fourty acres and a mule have not arrived and the bills are past due? You have completed your course work -degree or several degrees in hand and nothing. Not even nothing to show for your efforts just nothing. A perverbial silence heard lounder than the cracking of your broken heart.
  Someone will most definitely come a long with a one liner. You know the quick fix-it-anodote, one size fits all answer to your life long problems. They are confident and have it all figured out. Self proclaimed experts-the biggest storms they have experienced is weather to go out to eat or order in. Interesting, don't you think.
How do you ride out the storm?
Thank you for reading
Shawna Jones

Friday, February 3, 2012

Even Robots Make "Mistakes"

I've designed my professional self to reflect the images of those that have come before me with the hopes of achieving success as well. Yes , my story will be different as will yours however if someone has paved the way take the path. We learn from one another. No harm no foul. I came to this conclusion only after trying it my way with unsatisfactory results. Constant setback after setback and "man I wish I would have known that" phrases stated like a broken record on repeat with countless amounts of lost time. I've read numerous books , educated myself, completed internships and am in great expectation of a harvest. You reap what you sow. Most recently I was called robotic and accused of being less than real. I was shocked. How could this be, was my professionalism off ending or in some way offensive? I did some digging and have devised a master plan. Would you like to hear it? Great. I took that one from Dora The Explorer. When you work at your highest level of proficiency some people may feel intimidated by you, try to break your tunnel vision and throw you a curve ball just because they can. Further more just because a word is said no more makes it truthful than sitting in the garage makes you a car. I have heard some say Yes while many say No. Trust your gut. There is never only one way to the top. As I mentioned earlier your story will be different. In addition to those key pieces make sure you keep people that are in your corner in your circle and exclude all that do not believe in you or your movement. They are distractions, dream killers. If after a conversation or interaction you walk away feeling emotional and road blocked , my darling you have encountered a dream killer. They want to plant a seed of insecurity within your spirit. Once the seed is planted successfully and nurtured by your ruminating on it, it will grow into a cancer. This cancer will be harder to pluck out than most because you will begin to function within a spirit of defeat. Why do you think women in their mid-late twenties and thirties are bringing the persons they allowed to bully them in grammar school on talk shows to say, "Look at me now." Vindication. That negativity grows, it grows stronger and more and more powerful by the day, months and years. Remember you Reap what you Sow. Yes. So as your spirit is beaten down by this cancer you will begin to fail, sometimes failing in places you've previously succeeded. Interesting isn't it, the power of words, how each one of them make a difference.
I admit it I  may be a robotic and with good reason. I like to take notes as my supervisor is giving me instruction. I do this so I won't have to bother her once I've reached my desk and forgotten. I google good questions to ask in addition to my own heart felt wonders. Could there be a glitch in the programming? Possibly. Everything improves in time with practice. 10,000 work hours, I've been told is what it takes to master a skill talent or trade of some sort.
I've said all of this to share this. As you progress and struggle to your destiny, don't forget your inner voice. I heard the Preacher say the Holy Ghost! Let the Church say Amen! The Universe is Always working on your behalf. I know it may seem like the fight is long, stress filled, sleepless and misunderstood but don't give up. You can do this. There are those who haven't been born and they need you to pave a way for them lest they will experience great hardships. Leave your legacy of perseverance. Here's to all my robots with a authentic flair.
Thank You For Reading
Be Encouraged
Shawna Jones
Very Best Life Begin!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Most anything can be inspirational. I'm always amazed to hear Fashion Designer's when asked, "What inspired this year's collection?" Replying something like, "While on vacation in Cambodia a tree on an isolated plain reminded me of my childhood in Louisiana and fostered my imagination to expand in a way I thought didn't exist for adults..." Every single time I'm taken aback by what can inspire such beauty, such rage or despair. What inspires you?
I remember as a child I was inspired to be beautiful, a wealthy princess, powerful, God like as graceful as a ballerina and as gentle as a flowers petal in the spring time . I would walk through the house as if I were walking down the isle, floating on a cloud, with a rope or towel on my head, anything to give me the appearance of long flowing locks. I would twirl in my long night gown and pretend I was catered to and adored., the bell of the ball. Curtsy as I entered and exited the room for appeal and smile at all I would meet. Allowing possible suitors to kiss my hand and quickly shy away as a lady might. Some of my favorite films included fictions, Disney movies mostly; where I could share center stage with the main character, belt out my favorite notes in song and share in the happy endings. I loved the Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz, The Little Mermaid,even though I now know The Little Mermaids ending isn't as happy as one might think. She was aspiring to be something she was not in the hopes of obtaining a husband and loosing complete ties with her family, but that's for another time. I loved The Color Purple, as the long painful power struggle turned into a it was all worth it, you are beautiful even if nobody else thinks so antidote like ending.
These movies inspired my already vivid imagination, inspired me to expand, grow, explore, flex my creative muscles and believe in the seemly impossible.
The world is filled with marvel and bountiful splendor. We are apart of it all and are also included in this splendor. Each and everyone of us has a different amazing story to share, with inspirations from the depths of our souls to the most light hearted moments of  triumphs we celebrate. Share your story. How did you get to where you are? I heard someone say. Life is played forward but only understood backward. Meaning you can look back and say, "OK, now I see why that happened." Taking one road will always evade another but you most only choose one.
Thank goodness you have the power to not only imagine the way your life may turn out if one path were taken but also create the life you'd like to have, not in the future, but right now.
Speak to people you don't usually speak to, introduce yourself. Watch programming that doesn't necessarily appeal to your natural sensibilities. This way you can contribute to most any conversation if and when the moment arises. Prepare yourself to succeed and allow your imagination to inspire and  to be your guide.
Thank You For Reading,
Very Best Life Begin.
Shawna Jones