Thursday, December 15, 2011

Have You Been Naughty Or Nice???

 With the future looming and daily transforming into the present, we must be certain to set our intentions with as must appropriation as possible. Are yours to be "Important" one of the "Beautiful People" or to"Show Them"? If so yours may be a bit jaded and in need of some healing. We have all been there, the key as Lisa Nichols would say is not to take up permanent residency there.
We are here only for a time, this goes without saying. We are constantly reminded with the loss of  friends, family, co-workers and members of the community via the nightly news. Most often times abruptly and without warning. How time consuming to consistently be on the proverbial stand, trying to prove something, to continue to live up to an unreasonable expectation and someone else's desire for your life.
When you envision yourself in a successful capacity do you imagine the conversations carried or the threads you'd adorn? Do you imagine snuffing the people who'd previously snubbed you? Sashaying past previous loves who left you for Her??? Look at me now honey...I'm Shiny and New!! Think of it as him doing you a favor and making room for your husband. Or do you ponder the tithes you'll offer, charities with which to donate, how you will love on those less than friendly individuals, or how you will pay homage to those that helped you along the way? Tell the truth, its OK this is a safe space. I'm sure there have been quite a few people who've helped in various forms. Think about it. All that "showy" stuff is external and of no importance even with a hefty price tag. Internal is the focus, the most valued and priceless.
When you prove to the Father he can trust you, he will bless you with more. Remain Humble I say time and time again and remove All Ego from the equation. We all could use a reminder sometime, its easy to forget when the world gives you the cold shoulder and talks down to you with out reason.
You were made for this, abundance included, whatever your this maybe. If it makes you feel alive, if you move and function as your most authentic self  you can and will obtain treasure, all the while helping others to find there's. People will like you when you become successful and fulfill your dreams but they will love you when you help them fulfill theirs. Isn't that what we all want ? To be loved? Yes, we are made in His imagine and in his likeness, He wants us to love Him too. If while performing your "this" time doesn't exist and you could continue until the end of time, you have found your alive essence. Mike Murdock says. "if you take a fish out of water and place him on the ground, he will flop around and go nowhere like a dummy, but put that same fish in the water and his genius manifest." Ask God to manifest your genius.
 Don't you love the share button on Face Book? It's a test if you think about it.The Share button is asking you to make a conscious choice, a decision, ever so slightly. What is your thought process? I'm talking specifically about those bits of information you stumble upon you know will cause an effective change. These small and subtle daily choices collectively compose your character.
The choice is yours and only you can make it.
God Bless You, Thank You for reading
Very Best Life Begin,
Shawna Jones (formerly Sjstyle)