Tuesday, November 22, 2011


   Most of us are working within companies we don't particularly care for and within jobs we feel don't pay us enough and are even "beneath" us. Stay because we need the income and complain complain complain as much as the day is long to whomever will listen. Sharing negativity works in the opposite way you think it does, its not serving you , your company or the company you keep and especially not the Universe that's ALWAYS working on your behalf. You see He knows what's best for you, what you can manage and what you think you are ready for. Every single experience is for your growth and personal development; evolving you into this complete being. Remember you aren't "only Human", you are a Human Being, ever evolving,  learning,  growing and changing.
Everything God made , He made it to grow and that especially includes you. While contributing your time to any job remember this is your life which is a scarce natural resource and hear anyone that's lost most anyone at anytime; entirely too short. You are where you are because this experience is a preparation for whats to come. You are being prepared for excellence and in order to become excellent you must be refined in your service through dedication and consistency. Do your job and allow it to represent your excellence. Let your work ethic be rooted in your very very best, let's call it practice because you can't just switch on when your "dream" career presents  itself if you have accustomed yourself to perform in mediocrity.
Why do you think some excel? Few remain ambitious , many start off strong and wither with the test of time. Work for an applause for which never arrives and lose sight of the bigger picture. Prepare for the , "thanks!!! good job", but are left hanging. Over looked by the boss do to the new cute hire or the owners niece and sometimes the recent college grad that you are left to train for your position. Let me remind you God sees all and you in all your excellence. This is not the destination but the journey and we've only just begun.
It's okay if you have gotten overwhelmed over worked and dropped the ball a few times, redemption is imminent and you can and will create a new. One of the very best ways to succeed is by failing because when you suffer, you remember and you learn. Remain humble you know who you are and what you feel you deserve but the individual that's your supervisor is so because God says so, it is well!! All that is due you is for you and you will surely receive it. My Great Grandmother( Mother Dear) used to say, "the slowest way is the best way" and why is that; because its a process.
You are excellent at your 9 to 5 you Mogul you! You are excellent at your part-time retail position  you Fashion Designer Extraordinaire you! You are excellent as a stay at home mother you Entrepreneur you! Don't you forget! Now go forth in excellence.
God Bless You