Friday, February 3, 2012

Even Robots Make "Mistakes"

I've designed my professional self to reflect the images of those that have come before me with the hopes of achieving success as well. Yes , my story will be different as will yours however if someone has paved the way take the path. We learn from one another. No harm no foul. I came to this conclusion only after trying it my way with unsatisfactory results. Constant setback after setback and "man I wish I would have known that" phrases stated like a broken record on repeat with countless amounts of lost time. I've read numerous books , educated myself, completed internships and am in great expectation of a harvest. You reap what you sow. Most recently I was called robotic and accused of being less than real. I was shocked. How could this be, was my professionalism off ending or in some way offensive? I did some digging and have devised a master plan. Would you like to hear it? Great. I took that one from Dora The Explorer. When you work at your highest level of proficiency some people may feel intimidated by you, try to break your tunnel vision and throw you a curve ball just because they can. Further more just because a word is said no more makes it truthful than sitting in the garage makes you a car. I have heard some say Yes while many say No. Trust your gut. There is never only one way to the top. As I mentioned earlier your story will be different. In addition to those key pieces make sure you keep people that are in your corner in your circle and exclude all that do not believe in you or your movement. They are distractions, dream killers. If after a conversation or interaction you walk away feeling emotional and road blocked , my darling you have encountered a dream killer. They want to plant a seed of insecurity within your spirit. Once the seed is planted successfully and nurtured by your ruminating on it, it will grow into a cancer. This cancer will be harder to pluck out than most because you will begin to function within a spirit of defeat. Why do you think women in their mid-late twenties and thirties are bringing the persons they allowed to bully them in grammar school on talk shows to say, "Look at me now." Vindication. That negativity grows, it grows stronger and more and more powerful by the day, months and years. Remember you Reap what you Sow. Yes. So as your spirit is beaten down by this cancer you will begin to fail, sometimes failing in places you've previously succeeded. Interesting isn't it, the power of words, how each one of them make a difference.
I admit it I  may be a robotic and with good reason. I like to take notes as my supervisor is giving me instruction. I do this so I won't have to bother her once I've reached my desk and forgotten. I google good questions to ask in addition to my own heart felt wonders. Could there be a glitch in the programming? Possibly. Everything improves in time with practice. 10,000 work hours, I've been told is what it takes to master a skill talent or trade of some sort.
I've said all of this to share this. As you progress and struggle to your destiny, don't forget your inner voice. I heard the Preacher say the Holy Ghost! Let the Church say Amen! The Universe is Always working on your behalf. I know it may seem like the fight is long, stress filled, sleepless and misunderstood but don't give up. You can do this. There are those who haven't been born and they need you to pave a way for them lest they will experience great hardships. Leave your legacy of perseverance. Here's to all my robots with a authentic flair.
Thank You For Reading
Be Encouraged
Shawna Jones
Very Best Life Begin!