Monday, February 14, 2011

What's up with that?

I know if I were you and I saw a blog entitled "fashion forum" I would think that the topics covered within the blog would be about fashion. You would be correct in your assumption if you have pondered this thought. So let us begin shall we?
FASHION, the name itself excites me.I would have loved to name our daughter Fashion but I felt that would be entirely too much pressure for one person to carry, its hard enough being a woman.
Growing up I never fancied my threads so much as we were extremely poor, as many of us were. However it has worked in my favor, humble beginnings inspired desire. Some of my favorite past times include back- to- school and Christmas. The link that! I would color coordinate my pencil case to match my notebooks and my backpack. I remember the year I asked my mother not to purchase dolls anymore, just cloths for Christmas; which I insisted I was present for. A fashionista in the making.
So enough about me, the weather is warming up and so are the fashion trends. In Lu of the Grammy's last night, minus a few all time favorites I was disappointed with what the trend setters brought to the proverbial table.
Fashion and style are oh so very expansive and diverse. There individualized and unique to each of us and our individual body types. It bothers me to see celebrities choose prom queen or street hooker as the only too looks to try out. As an artist it is your obligation to protect your brand/image. We are in the information age try different looks,explore.As should we all. If you have a funky style, or a minimalist style try a boho chic trend, or modified 80's trends and by all means do the classic ten. Theses include a pearl necklace,red lipstick,or a white botton up blouse you can never go wrong .  If you hate it that's OK but at least experience different textile variations, different colors on your skin and something outside of your comfort -zone dare I say"the norm". Everything changes only nothing stays the same. I believe Niche coined this term. Keeping this in mind, change with the times. Stay current . You don't have to follow the trends per-say, but by all means you must look current. Modify and challenge what you think. This is how we learn and grow as people. Always have your own back as Maya Angelo would say.  As you explore fashion variations continue to be true to yourself,feel free to include your favorite staple pieces.
Thank you , that is all


  1. I love your point of view on fashion. That is why I have sworn to establish my own fashion by making my own clothes.
    Check me out ...
    I think fashion is a do your own thing culture.

  2. Thank you, and I believe you can create your own line. I have checked out your page and your sewing skills are polished. Keep up the good work. God bless you.