Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Say Ye??

Hey ladies and gentlemen. Mostly ladies I'm sure. Not sure if your hip to the Real Housewives of various cities craze, if not you are missing a real treat. Check your local listings,the program airs on the Bravo Network. Tune in as soon as possible so you can keep up with the discussion.
Most recently on the RHWOBH(Real Housewives of Beverley Hills) one of the housewives throw an elaborate white party. Close friends family and friends of close friends.
As a wife I'm cognisant of the friends I embrace and even more of the ones I invite to my home around my family. You have to be It's precious!  Not everyone is singing your praises an celebrating your marriage and or relationship. Some are but others are envious and some have absolutely no respect for  monogamy. They see the picturesque family structure and want to challenge the union.
In the afore mentioned episode an invited guest placed one of the husband's in a seductive head lock and engaged him in a conversation. She questioned him,"Is your wife taking care of you?"
It may surprise you to know if you haven't lived a similar experience that these types of women do exist. This woman was attractive and confident. She may have had a drink or two too many but the question she asked was a sober one.
This brings me back to the title of this blog, What Say Ye?
How would you tackle such a disturbing occurrence? Or how have you in the past?
The wife in the RHWOBH stormed over to the woman from across the room. She told her to get off of her husband and asked her if she wanted a Manolo in the eye? Then told her to get out. Yikes!
I like it,short and sweet.
I was wondering why the husband didn't give the "woman" in question the cold shoulder.
I think a great way to approach a very realistic problem like this is to plan well in advance. Talk about how you handle flirtatious male/female encounters and the ways you'd like your spouse to respond. As you've heard time and time again communication is key.

God Bless You,
always a lady

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