Thursday, January 19, 2012


How do you define success? It's different for quite a few of us. Some fear success and some , the success of others with all that it brings. It makes me think. If you are in a state of non-success or lack, scarcity , how do others respond to do? Who do you date? Why? How do you treat people? Why?Are you married or engaged? Where do you live? All things are temporary by the way.
What would happen if the life as you live it were to be flipped upside down and all the lack you've experienced is now transformed into utter abundance, on all sides? I've tuned into t.v shows about average individuals like you and I who've had the "good fortune" to win millions. Most of the stories were horrific!
Easy come easy go they say. Does this rule apply to those that work really hard and then earn a large salary within a considerable short period of time? Not sure, but I do know what defines you will determine your intentions. How you spend, where to frequent, what you purchase and how well you do your job. I heard a rapper say when you stop being hungry you lose it. Whatever your it is.
Prepare yourself daily.
Who knows you may receive a large inheritance from a long lost uncle, or your spouse may cash in a trust-fund. Just the same define success for yourself and provide for yourself, you never know when the money will run out.All things are temporary by the way.
Success or money if you will, can bring a lot of things to light. If you are super humble in lack and turn into an arrogant, ego filled, flesh bucket, it was there all along lying dormant. You can be all you've ever dreamed with the help of proper funding what will you be? A cheating husband/wife? Popping bottles in the club with your "friends", you will have dozens surely. Or maybe you will be the women that's addicted to retail, talks with her hips and prides herself on the labels she possess'. All things are temporary by the way.
Internal will carry you for the journey ahead, external pleasures will get you through the day only. You will yurn something, bigger, better, prettier, etc tomorrow. It's a viscous cycle.
Here's a thought to ponder...What defines you?
Thank You For Reading
God Bless You
Shawna Jones

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