Thursday, January 20, 2011

They Say

You know they say a lot of things...who are these people? Why do we give them so much power? The Na-Sayers.
  They say people that blog are narcissistic ,and no one will ever read your blog. They say everyone starts a blog but six months from now will it still be active?Yes it will be! I thank you for being apart of this journey with me and I welcome your feedback. Who am I? I am just like you a person placed here with a purpose.A collection of tears and smiles. My experiences may be different from yours, and my perception my seem twisted and that's great. Let me be myself and I will return the favor. After all that's the only person on this Earth I can be everyone else in taken.
 You know I love proving "they" wrong time and time again. They said I wouldn't make it as a new born premature baby a mere two pounds. They were wrong. They said I would never amount to much , now here we are , I'm living the dream and I haven't even gotten started yet. How about that! Completed High School, Went to college received an Associates in Fashion Marketing and Management had a beautiful baby boy in between, got married to the man of my dreams,went back to college for a Bachelor's in Fashion Marketing and Management had a baby girl in between I'm wrapping this degree up at the end of this year. From here I'm off to Hunter College for a terminal Master's Degree. They may say that's a typical Black Women over burdened and under appreciated, just like our ancestors we would be deathly ill and have to get up and picked the cotton,just given birth and have to get up and plow the field. HA! I am in preparation for a blessing! Lets see what they say now.
Be Encouraged


  1. I LOVE YOUR STYLE OF WRITING... ITS SO DOPE!!! THEY SAY YOU GO GIRL, B/C with almost 4 College Degrees (18 Credits away from the 4th 1) and 4 blogs, looking to start an online magazine, about to start my Ph.D Program, and teach,

    I am like my ancestors barely sleep and looking for a way out, now lets see what they say, but really are we listing... I SO LOVE UR BLOG, I would love to feature you on my He Say, She Say Section JUST B/C I want to see what THEY GOIN SAY... HA TO THAT HA HA TO THEY TOO ... LOL Daphne Dwritewell Williams

    BTW I <3 sjstyle (Perhaps I need to add my signature so THEY can STOP saying my writing is so cool & THEY love my blog and then say MAN U R a COOL DUDE, I AIN't NO DUDE okay SON!!! (IN MY EAST NEW YORK, CROOKLYN VOICE by way of SC)

  2. God Bless you sis. Thank you, you have encouraged me. We (woman) are so incredible. We tackle every single challenge we face and invite even more. I'd love to help, lets keep in touch.