Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 With the numbers aligned in such a cohesive order, magic must be brewing! I made a declaration of success and prosperity in the beginning of the year as many of us do, however the stars were aligned today and I was invigorated by the power of presence.I accomplished everything I set to do and felt refreshed ,as opposed to winded.I can't take all the credit , Thank you BlackBerry for reminding me and reminding me again of the tasks that had be completed.
  How do you measure success? As an adult senior in college I find it easy to worry and wonder what could have and should have been. I think, had I only done this and if I didn't say or do that I'd be so much better off. If my parents had been rich or if I 'd been prettier...If you feel that way I want to encourage you that quite the contray, You are exactly where you should be and God didn't make a mistake on your appearance.
 I've found ways to counter those pesky little distractions and I'll share them with you. Drinking water, as minuscule as it may sound,reminds me of the endless possibilities life has to offer in its purest an simplest form not to mention your body loves it. Sweating, albeit from a good run, a circuit in the gym, dancing in your living room with your family or  personal play with your spouse.Taking those extra five minutes in the morning to perfect your pretty. If your eyes are your best facial feature put on mascara to asentuate them. When you look good you feel good,and it is enhanced even the more when someone else notices. Lastly for me eating a good meal. When its breakfast time or lunch time or dinner time, have breakfast, have lunch, have dinner take a moment and fuel your body.You only get one, that's makes it invaluable, authentic and for all of my fashionista "coutour"so be good to it.The years have gone by but its not over.
 As you travel on this journey we call life take a moment and appreciate yourself, your numerous accomplishments and unfortunate setbacks. Collectively they have made you the incredible person you see before you in the mirror.
Thanks for reading I love you for it


  1. This was so inspirational for me...Thanks...Hope 2011 does the good for you that you want for you and your family.

  2. Thank you, same to you and yours. God Bless you!!!!