Friday, June 29, 2012

  Within the midst of the storm there are several things occurring. One, you have experienced the front end and in axcious anticipation of the back end. Some say while riding through the storm, Jesus holds you in His arms. Two you maybe thinking of ways to end the touture early or how to find yourself and mantain sanity in the presence of your loved ones. You don't want to appear to not be able to hold it together-after all you are an adult. Some give up and say what the heck...its all over with anyway. I'll just have a drink or a smoke or some other quick fix aside from prayer-which pretty much means wait on the Lord to respond. Those things may help you sleep at night but when the morning comes the storm is still looming over head. How do you ride out the Storms of Life as they occur? Think about that for a minute.
  During these moments are when you must make the tough choices. They tend to be defining moments and determine the next chapter of your journey. I think tough is not the right word in this context because by calling something tough, it sound like it is possible-when really its like deciding to lose your dominate arm or your right leg.
 You may have weathered an unexpected pregnancy or a sick child. A less than desirable spouse to put it lightly or a financial crisis, putting you in a position to turn down your plate-an impromtu fast if you will, so that your children may eat the next day. Lie to the ones closest to you and say you will be unable to attend b/c of plans made- so they don't give you that said woes is me sigh on the other end of the phone.How do you ride out the Storm?
  This is the land of milk and honey...right? So what happens when your fourty acres and a mule have not arrived and the bills are past due? You have completed your course work -degree or several degrees in hand and nothing. Not even nothing to show for your efforts just nothing. A perverbial silence heard lounder than the cracking of your broken heart.
  Someone will most definitely come a long with a one liner. You know the quick fix-it-anodote, one size fits all answer to your life long problems. They are confident and have it all figured out. Self proclaimed experts-the biggest storms they have experienced is weather to go out to eat or order in. Interesting, don't you think.
How do you ride out the storm?
Thank you for reading
Shawna Jones