Sunday, June 12, 2011

She Decided

I am the wind, the stars, the sun, the moon, the light. The present, the past, the expected ending, the positive motivation, I am God's greatest gift to myself. I am powerful, beautiful, compelling, complicated, confused. I am giving.

You see, he was convinced that loving her was an unnecessary obstacle. Reside together, play a role . He was too in love with "being right", "being out", "being tipsy", "being fly" to ever fully love her. Everyday his demands and disapproval were a topic of discussion. Why cant you be more like this? Why can't you be more like that? Aren't you supposed to be this? Why can't you just know? My friends said I should try 'this' on you. She wondered silently at first and then aloud, what can I do to resolve this and when did I become a case study? Miss' fix it, Miss' make her self perfect, Miss' play small to his un-yielding will. He would rant , rave, scream, scold,verbally abuse her all to make his point. Always his way, no possible alternatives.She was certain it was not all about her and her misbehavior, he was troubled on the inside.  She decided not to resist. What he thought was what he thought. If he had not eyes to see her and all her splendor she would not remove the blinders. She decided for herself that it was OK to allow the winds of change to blow. Not to be liked, not to always be treated fairly. Everything changes only nothing stays the same. So she waited.
God Bless You