Thursday, February 17, 2011

Listen to the Water

I encourage you to read this piece slowly and participate in the exercises to receive full enjoyment . I thank you in advance for reading and traveling with me. Today is about you. You are amazing and I want you to remember that.
Reading is Listening, Listening with your eyes. Proceed with caution you will complete this blog feeling completely different about yourself than before experiencing it. Allow the love shared to love you. Enjoy.
Close your eyes with me for a moment . Focus on stillness. Open your eyes. Place your left hand over your chest feel your chest rise and fall. Notice the powerful vibration of your very own heart beat. Become one  with the inside of you. Hug yourself for a moment. Give yourself a nice squeeze. Squeeze like your an old good friend you haven't seen in a while for reasons that just could not be helped and the hug is familiar,welcomed and celebrated.
The skin that you are in is the very same skin you were born in. It has spread out a bit however in it you have ... seen things. Some too awful to repeat and others to pleasant not to replay. Rewind them there in your minds eye for a moment too. All of these memories are also apart of the inside you. Like when you rode your first bike or when someone close to you went home to glory.
Your, your mother's child, you have your daddies ways. Your eyes twinkle like your grandmother's and your feet resemble your grandfather's.
Touch your own hands softly and look at them closely. See if you can  identify how each and every scape, bruise  or split nail got there. Its a test to see how well you really know the back of your hand. Hold them together one over the other. Squeeze them together. Remind yourself that, Yes you can have what you want! Yes you can do it! And most importantly, Yes you are good enough! You are a creator, created  by God and like God your hands can manifest greatness, Will you cooperate?
The water is ancient and pre-dates us all. The rain drops you walk in between every now and then cradled under the covering of an umbrella your ancestors have ran through with blood-hounds hot on their trail. The blood that flows through you whispers sweet songs of strength and resilience.
Like water, air is also ancient, Breathed into us divinely by Jesus Christ Himself,our lineage has recycled this breath into us and our lungs are iron clad.
Echo's echos echos of the voices of yesteryear live within our lungs and with every breath we take we radiate confidence. We are a people of great purpose.
Remember where you come from. You are the acceptable prototype.
Conclude this self-exploration by promising to listen to the water. Listen in the shower, rain storm or by the sea.
You are much larger than your physical body,you  are apart of it all. Breath deeply, close your eyes and stretch your arms wide, raise your head to the sky and say thank you. The best is yet to come.
Be Encouraged


  1. Beautifully well written and very visual. Loved it!

  2. Thank you. I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment as often as you'd like. I love feedback. God Bless you.

  3. Man! I dont know how I missed this one but it came at a time I needed it most! How exhilarating! I did all the activities and I know that I will continue to have a great day now. Love you girlie! Thanks for sharing yourself!

    Nina Parker

  4. God Bless you sis! Happy to be of service. Glad you liked it. Thank you for reading.