Saturday, February 26, 2011

Handle With Care

In the fashion industry the garments you purchase have fiber content tags and care labels. It is a  Federal Offense, punishable through the court of law, to produce clothing without this information, fine's even jail time are possibilities.
The fiber content and care labels carry tremendously important information, if with held one  would be disappointment and could mis-maintain their garment.
The fiber content labels also explain to you the rational of the purchase price and the quality of the article.
The care labels guide you through the preservation of your piece. Whether or not this item washes well or dry clean only. Wash with similar colors, add bleach, or  lay flat to dry. These minor strips of fabric are imperative for the optimal performance and preservation of the life-span of your garment.
People, you and I , are quite similar in that we are composed of different fibers. We are grown in the image of our experiences. Spun threw the spinneret of inconsistency and woven, knitted and tufted though heart ache, pain and joy.  
Some of us have matured into tolerant, durable fabrics, like denim or wool. We've been beaten, worn, and dis-stressed just to name a few, and we come out looking wiser for the wear, oh so stylish, trendy and vintage. Applauded for our resiliency all the while falling apart at the seams.
  Some of us have matured into more delicate fabrics like , chiffon, or charmusse. Soft , delicate to the touch but lacking any type of substance. Like a beautifully crafted gown. Some of us are over done and intimidating to possible suitors.  Albeit from too much glitter, or too much skin. A subconscious ploy to keep people at arms length because the thought of trying again, one more time for the last time, could snag their train and be unsightly.
The journey of love is an uncertain one, however I encourage you, when you are gracious enough to have someone, please handle with care it is worth it. Listen to them with your eyes. When they speak look them in the eyes. Take note of the changes is their vocal patterns, pay close attention to the stories they share and the music that makes them cry. The movies that make them laugh and the goals they set to achieve. All of this information are their care label and  maximize the life-span of your relationship.
Even the most durable knits have a bursting limitation.
Every pair of jeans you purchase with enough abrasion will eventually sprout a hole.
In the words of Otis Redding, try a little tenderness.
love you,God Bless

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