Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Morning

I heard the man of God say Joy cometh in the morning!
I think that has a lot to do with your attitude. Think positive things and they will be drawn to you. Speak life into your morning! Today will be a great day! Your conscientiousness of the dawning of a new day and the endless possibilities that insue will prove to be invaluable.
How do you start your day?
How will you represtent yourself to your world today?
If you look good you feel good, and good things will happen for you. I'm sure you've heard this before and if not its true.
 What if you have an issue? What if your hair won't cooperate or your skin is under attack? You can STILL feel good.
I'm not sure if your familiar with the skin treatment Accutane, but I've used this product. It's a five month treatment (sometimes longer) that makes your Acne miserably worst before getting tremendously better, glorious even. I had to walk around NYC with a face full of Acne and smile. I even had a successful job interview during the treatment. I faked it until I saw what I was feeling. You can too.
If your hair is non-compliant feel free to wear a decorative silk head scarf or fancy hat. Wigs are so in for the Spring, try on a few and have them close by, just in case. How you doing? (Thanks Wendy !)
If you were lucky enough to check out the Fashion's during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I'm sure you were inspired. The looks are relaxed and soft. Flowy skirts and bellowy blouses with feminine detailing. Bright patterns,clean lines, white's, high waists, flared legs, a-line dresses, animal prints and bad-girl edge.Chunky accessories, shiny nails beare or colored with soft hints of glimmer. 
Take the extra time to press your garments if necessary,spot check for any imperfections, the world will notice.  Before you run out the door say a quick prayer of graditude, smile back at yourself in the mirror today is your day.
This week I've been dressing for the job I want. Modern business causal seperates inspired by the career woman. Mixing neutrals, shades and vibrant silks to create an exciting array of contempary style in preparation of whats to come. You must prepare yourself for success. When the opportunity presents itself you want to be ready.When you fail to plan , you plan to fail. I don't know about you but for me failure is not an option!
 We are judged but our apperance, allow your verdict to be favorable.
Thank You For Reading, tell a friend.
Have a great day!!!

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