Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's all a trick to keep you from loving yourself and enjoying your brief life, liking your own company and even smiling . Trick you that you will fail so you won't even try. You aren't beautiful or handsome, tall, slim or as wealthy as the God's of this Earth! You know who I mean, the celebrated celebrity. It's a trick to have you measure people from the outside , because who they are lies within. It's a trick to need and want people that can only do "something" for you, because  the key to true fulfillment is in giving.
Whom ever told you to compare yourself to anyone else anyway? Everyone else? The beautiful people, the miserably imprisoned by our over glorification designed only for the Father. Prophet Levar Samuel said, "What is good for God is poison to man."
If the enemy can distract you long enough he can trick you into believing most anything. He will trick you into thinking your invincible, have you drinking as many spirits as you can consume before falling over. Once you fall  and are able to get up  he will confirm your immortality. Just for you to do it again next weekend . Until it gets easier to do and you don't need the weekend, you don't need anyone.
You aren't living unless  you are in the club half naked, or diamonds shining with empty suitors all around. All eyes on me.
 Trick you that smoking is the only way to fully relax, relax from a hard days work or a trying occurrence. Trick you into believing a bad day is more frequent than the good ones, so you dis-spare. He will trick you into entertaining thoughts of suicide because anything has to be better than this! When its all temporary.
He will trick you that you absolutely must take someone else's life, because you don't play. Play, you won't get the chance to, not from behind bars, with your own children .
He will trick you into believing unforgiveness is the best way to prove your point, especially with your family members because they can't talk to you like that. Can't talk to the deceased, while your in the land of the living give them a call. See how they are doing, stop by. You'll wish you had when there eyes close.
We have all been tricked before and some of us are being tricked right now, because he doesn't have any new material.
Remember you are oh so very scared, one of  a kind, oh so very special. Your talents aren't graded on the curve. If he or she is intelligent in no way does that take away from yours, and that is true for everything else too. Albeit wealth, looks, or status. The things we value in this world.
We are here for only a short time, the present is such a gift. Each day it comes wrapped in a brand new box, some joy, some bliss, some tears. Don't fall for the trick. It is all worth it! You can try again,  you can do better the next time. Oprah said,"When you know better you do better." Now you know.
I don't know when it will get better or even easier, but I promise you it will!
Thank You

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