Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Style Question !!!

Someone asked me how would I describe my personal style. I was honored to have been asked.  I thought what a delightfully thought provoking question. Before I responded  I thought , I don't have a style, I'm a nomad. I pick up things as I go within reason and I don't apologize for my eclectic compilations. Mixing and matching is my middle name. I love fashion jewelry and pretty makeup. Long dark curly lashes and sun-kissed cheek bones, dewy lips and a soft scent. Weather is a heavy influence as well as my mood. My husband points out that I would have so much more time in the morning if I were to pick my clothes out the night before, however I've tried his theory and for me the outfit feels forced and unauthentic. I need to see the morning sun, or clouds, rain, e.t.c to get a true sense of self for this new and enchanting day.  One day I may want to adore rich jeweled tone hues and the next I may want a more muted palette. I enjoy vintage wear, business casual chic, textile variations, and new designers. The more I thought about it the more I discovered I absolutely positively DO have a style. I am fearless and I love Fashion . I describe my personal style as soulful, rustic, trendy and sophisticated on a budget. I am a seventies loving, earth tone wearing, modern boho-chic, minimalist. I love a statement heel and save flats for the beach and laundry day when possible. Needless to say this person walked away.
With the arrival of Spring Fashion's looming I'm most interested in trying some fun , flirty sixties mod-wear. I am a petite fashionista, our gams adore a mini-dress, the tunics sister. These pieces are perfect for day and evening wear. Can be dressed up or down, dependent upon the type of industry you work in , you could possibly sport this look to the office. Accessories are key.
No trend would be complete without appropriately coordinated accessories, and make-up. Handbags are smaller, hats are larger, turbans have returned, sunglasses covet twisted frames, and cosmetics are bold and beautiful. If you haven't found your foundation match already run do not walk run to your local Sephora or Department Stores . Check out the makeup counter's, look at the girls makeup behind the counter the models depicted in the display photos, take note of the color variations. Do they fit your lifestyle? Do you get a good feeling about this product and its price point? Ask question's about ingredients and then ask for a foundation color match. Don't feel pressured to purchase. I assure you,  you are helping the color consultant kill sometime and prefect her/his craft.  If the product is out of your budget you can find a comparable version in your local drug-store. If you need further assistance feel free to message me and I'll guide you every step of the way. You'll be a pro in no time.
How do you describe your personal style?

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