Saturday, November 3, 2012


The marvelous power of touch. Everything we "do" is associated with touch. From the keys pressed on a keyboard or smart phone - to the fridge you open to prepare dinner at night. Grabbing the car keys and running out the door, then shaking hands with your new boss during a job interview gone very well. Touch is at  the center of it all.

We are physical beings and the mere thought of being touched in the right way brings a smile to our faces. A lovers clasp of your hand on a cold day in front of passers-by - delightful. What could be more valuable than a hug at the end of a long day when you REALLY needed a hug, brings the life back to your body, or a kiss from your child on your way to work- really helps put the day in motion doesn't it.

Here on the East Coast we are slowly recovering from Hurricane Sandy and all that has been left behind. The tremendous storm has left vast amounts of devastation and distraction. God has asked us to slow down. Peace be still and remember your first love. This is a time to really look around. Look at those you love the things you love and the things you feel you cannot live without. When it comes down to it - its not about the things at all. The people that touch you and you touch mean the most of all. Times like this remind us of how precious and utterly fragile life is. God has placed these very people in your life as mirrors and guides. Value them and draw nigh to your Heavenly Father as you enjoy your family time free of interference.

We are all encouraged to donate. A donation does not have to be momentary, it can also be a silent prayer . If able, donate your time, your touch, a home cooked meal-something you would appreciate during a time of sadness and pain. We are all connected-it may not have been you this time but next time it just may.

Reach out today, after all you were made to.

Thank you for reading,
Shawna Jones

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