Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank you Lord!

From Heaven He came to see about me. He is the perfect example and the most splendidly divine. He is, He reigns and is ever so humble, a perfect gentlemen. He saved my soul and I am safe. The troubles I face and the fights I victor He earns the glory. I was gracious enough  have loved Him from early on assisted by my elders prayers for me as I developed in my mother's womb.
I yearned for a relationship before I could spell the word.
I close my eyes and I imagine the middle age, rapidly aging man, homeless living in Grand Central Terminal Station. I imagine the day his mother discovered his pregnancy and the smile on her face as she shared the news with her closest girl friend. His first day in school, his fear and his triumph. His teen-age years, the experimentations, disappointments, failures and confusion. The people he loved, the people he lost and all in between. I wonder where the bright youngster turned to a sure future of despair. One day I will muster up the courage to ask. I will be sure to have a hot sandwich and a cold beverage close by.
I heard the man of God say whether you fail or succeed in life it will be because of who you chose to honor or dishonor.
When I was homeless a living in a youth crisis center, I chose to dishonor quite a few people, but I called a name. The precious name of Jesus! He came to see about me and made my burden light. He picked me up, dusted me off, and directed me to a new start. I'd loved to say I was completely delivered and I never dishonored anyone ever again, but that would be far from the truth.
That reminds me of the time(s) I disappointed those that have passed.
You notice that? When your young it's so cool to be so busy/too busy for the people you love and that are priceless. Wow, I'm such a big cry baby! As the tears roll down my right check I remember disappointing my Great Grandmother, a fascinating, God fearing,interseccorary prayer warrior, beautiful, tell it like it T-I-IS kinda woman. Always on time and extremely generous. She lived to the ripe old age of 96 and was sharper than a tact.  I will write one day exclusively about her.
I was to go to her home after her Sunday service. She made vanilla pudding, my childhood favorite. She included vanilla wafers and all, so sweet. I loved her! Her deserts were like her love, oh so sweet. I loved her! Sweet love the kind only a grandmother can give, a seasoned love, unconditional, know how to love on you kinda love. As the inconsiderate, selfish," too busy" young lady that I was, I failed to appear and when I knew I wasn't going , had the nerve not to call. The next day the phone rang, it was Mother Dear. I was frozen and carried to the phone anyway. I prepared myself for a lashing, and to my surprise she was as composed as if I'd never stood her up cool as a cucumber. She allowed me to talk about whatever I wanted to and how I was doing. As the conversation concluded she said Ah Shawna-Boo, You can't go around disappointing people like that now. If you say you're going to be someplace you should be there. All I could say was sorry Mother Dear. It cut me deep. I wouldn't know how deeply until she passed a few short months after.
Before I flood my apartment with regretful tears, the point I am making tonight is if it had not been for the Lord we don't know where we might be and with this very important piece of information keep it close to your chest. You and I are just one Jesus away form being just like those that we place a quarter in there cups during our busy commutes. Also slow down, take a moment for your family members, stretch yourself go visit. One day there eyes will close forever,
God Bless You

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