Friday, April 1, 2011

In an instant. There are several things that are instant. Unfortunately one could be in a car crash and be killed in an instant. You have instant coffee, instant oatmeal, instant breakfast. Then you have the almost instant's , like things that are transformed in a minute or less. Say for instance minute rice or someone obtaining over night success. The critically acclaimed...sensation! I love it! Before you know it your asking yourself whatever happened to so&so?, Here today gone tomorrow, no foundation.
 For things that are not as physical and more metaphysical Mother Oprah has coined the term"aha moments", this means that all of a sudden "it", whatever "it" was hit you and you got it, just like that, in an instant. She also expresses that there are stages of the "aha" moment and that one is never without warning, in the interim of your aha moment it may lightly graze you on the shoulder, the next time it may give you a shove, next a trip landing you on your behind, until it hits you and you get it. One young woman slammed her car into a brick wall as she was texting while driving; she discussed while visiting the Oprah Show. This thing is building daily until it is so clear that you can no longer deny it and say "aha" I've got it now! For her it came with a totaled vehicle, lengthy stay in the hospital, stitches, broken bones, physical therapy and a suspended drivers licences. The funny thing about getting something is you have to maintain it, and your level of thinking to keep it. You have to work, to practice "being" a certain way. The way you desire to experience and enjoy your time here. Reprogram, rearrange, redirect, disengage, love, love from a distance, embrace, withhold, forgive, rewrite, recite, ignite, take action, move, plan, prepare, envision, speak positively, focus, pray.
How enchanting it would be if everything were instant? You could zip through life unscaved and more the merrier for it. Any and everything you could have ever hoped or dreamed of is attainable NOW! No anticipation, no wait, no worry, no sigh of relief. Remember the movie Click with Adam Sandler? If not rent it immediately a must see! Watch it with someone you love. Personally instant living is no way to live at all. You miss the best parts. The triumph comes with the trial. The testimony come with the test! You can have whatever you want by the way, by asking for it, your Heavenly Father is generous. The word of God says, "we have not because we ask not". "If my people would humble themselves and pray".
  A toddlers joy after struggling for days, weeks and months , tears staining their papers and endless eraser reside insured to write their own name is meet after all the agony self doubt can bring with the heart racing, lip biting, sweaty palms and brow moment of victory when they get it right. Do you remember when you wrote your name for the very first time? If not ask your parents, grandparents, older sibling etc. It was fascinating I'm sure!
Lets face it we just no way no how can have everything in an instant. It's easy to deny ourselves certain luxury pieces like the latest in handbags or shoes, designer threads or luxury vehicles. There are companies that will rent you the runway, but who wants to have a beautiful designer dress that they can only wear once for the price of a brand new dress that they can keep and wear multiple times and occasions? Clearly several people do because this is a very popular website.  Not exactly my cup of tea. If you don't have the cash and or credit you simply can not make a withdrawal. Yes you can be ever so patient, careful with your spending and save to reach your goals, sacrificing every chance you get and cut corners, but there is work involved in this option.  When you work you get a reward. I spend a heavy portion of my week thinking about this blog and how I can keep the content true to form. How I can continually and intentionally relate the experiences of life to fashion. Sometimes I'm dead on and other times not so much, please bear with me. The point I'm making here today is that instant isn't "better" per-say. Instance has its place, like everything else. When your 16 you want to be 21 and when your 48 you want to be 16 again, with your 48 year old body of knowledge of course! Everything evolves but at its own rate. This instant is only now and that's all it will ever be. It will never be sooner nor later.
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God Bless You

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