Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Bunion

Some things are common and particularly relative to a group, gender, race, or family. We joke about them, loathe them or even suffer do to their effects. In my family most of the women develop what we call the family bunion. Its not the prettiest I must say, an can be painful in the wrong shoe. However its a bonding experience between the women. We can relate an understand one another and the desire to have a seat with out judgement or ridicule.We laugh about our family bunions and compliment the shoes we are wearing knowing that its making the concern chronically worse. Does that  make sense? I don't think so, especially considering that we(women) dress to impress one another.
I have made it a point to purchase shoes that don't hurt my feet and that are no more that 3 inches high. I have my special occasion shoes but  I am not expected to run around the city in them for 5-8 hours at a time with a plastic smile like nothings wrong. Uh huh my feet hurt and I am a mess. No More. If you have a family bunion I encourage you to save yourself . Your fellow partners in crime will be sure to follow suit. You can find shoes just as cute offered in lower heel heights. Google search them out.
The family bunion won't go away but it won't get any bigger and you won't feel its presence every step of your day.You can smile again from within, find new and more self esteem building ways to bond with your family and your girls.Who knows you may even start a new trend for future generations!
Long live the Walton's, Jones', Moore's, Washington's, Nichols',Lassiter's, Celestine's, and insert your last name here!
God Bless You

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