Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  You know how you ponder that moment when the stars will align and it will finally happen! The thing that you have dreamed of, hoped for! Prayed and sowed a seed for, wished on a shooting star for, thrown a penny in the wishing well for, and crossed your fingers for. Well that moment is happening for me. I've pictured it in my mind realilisticly as a sudden shock and an instant jolt of joy. It's more like a gradual sequence of events. One by one strategicly and methodicly evolving into this all consuming ball of energy. Wrapping itself around me like a cloak of warmth and protection, adoring me as a Queen in my palace. Filled with the colors of gold, white, purple, luxe and beautiful, long and sweeping the floor as I sway about. Causing confusing and envy in the unlearnt eye. How does that effect you you might ask? I am now out of your way. You are next in line.
Have you ever put yourself out there and on display for others to view? For example a new hair do, school play, a talent school, a spelling bee or fashion show. Okay so if so its like I'm on stage now and your next to go. Brace yourself.
Time to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Success demands it! You can have what you want. You just have to be fearless enough to go and obtain it. "Ask for what you want -even at the risk of getting it."
If you've read any of the interviews of top designers there stories are quite similar. No one believed in them , or they had been working at this thing for sometime to no aval.  They kept on believing and kept on producing, kept on creating, and then , one day, it happened. Keep your faith and keep your eyes focused on your vision, do not sell yourself short or talk yourself out of your blessing.
God Bless You.


  1. Wow!!! "Fearless enough to go and obtain it" PERIOD!!! This alone has hit me like a ton of bricks.. (sitting back) Thank you for posting :)

  2. Fantastic, now get up and move. Go for it!! Create a list, what do you need to do to obtain it? Your Welcome! THANK YOU for reading! God Bless You!