Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There is tremendous power in thought. The Bible says so a man thinkth so is he. Every material item began with a thought, think about it. A lot of who and where you are today has to do with your thought processes. Too much pressure? I think not. Powerful for sure.

Did you know the difference between you and the tree in your back yard are a mere few elements listed on the periodic table? Yes it's true. We are all connected, its amazing, the sky, the tree's , the water, you and I are all the same disguised in different costumes if you will. Deepak Chopra says "a tree doesn't try to be a tree, it just is." You and I are a part of this exact same completing essence. We were created to create. You don't have to try to be what you are, it already is, just be.

Today  was a combination of dreams and focused intentions coming to reality. Standing in front of the multi billion dollar Globally expansive Hearst Corporation my eyes filled with happy tears. This was the very beginning and the ending. It was the beginning of a new more fulfilling chapter and the ending of a less than serving existence. As if I crossed over to the other side of redemption.

Now the work begins, as a trailblazer you set the stage for the next and the foundation  layed must be strong, sturdy and invincible. No longer going through the motions and pretending, it's go time and you want to come out and  play full out. Show Up! Ask for a hard thing, envision yourself receiving it and go forth in preparation. You must be passionate and mentaly ready to do the work.
How will you ever know whats "too much" for you if you never push yourself past your current conditioning? Of course you get nervous and feel scared. Do something daily that scares you, you will out do yourself each day. You are your only competition. Not your neighbor or the girls you went to junior high-school with or your spouse. You! As I mentioned in a prior posting get comfortable being uncomfortable, success demands it! This is how you build your self-esteem. The self-esteem that's so low at times you can barely decide what to have for lunch.

Some of us talk ourselves out of something because we have never accomplished something so grand and fear we may fail if we try. I encourage you to fail, because you will suffer a little and when you suffer you remember and when you remember you will make a different choice the next time around. Don't beat yourself up for it either. Every observation you make about yourself make it constructive and don't allow others to. Its okay to improve on one's self and be open to feedback but only to a point. Let your heart be your guide it will help you differentiate the difference.

On this planet we have air ,water, food to eat, people to enjoy and beautiful garments to adorn ourselves in . Just like this planet you likewise have everything you need to be the very best you you can be. Trust yourself you are perfect!

Thank you for reading

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