Thursday, August 18, 2011

When I'm Gone

Cluttered with discouraged images of ones self and blinded by the images we sell to the world for free. Wonder and why and doubt battle it out for attention, who's the loser? What were you thinking? Have we forgotten the promised certain end of us all, It's total finality and the nothing-ness of  no more. Missing what never was can breed an interesting despair. It's a combination of loss, desire, and fantasy unfulfilled. Silent prayers go unanswered and salty sorrow filled tears fall on the heart. Clinched fist bust into screams of guilt, Show me unfair. Are we? One day the same hurt we felt we will likewise cause. Willingly, forcefully, intentionally, accidentally, vengefully, timely and untimely, eventually.
 Is it a waste of your time? Love, with a question mark or an exclamation point. Love freely, laugh the laugh of  bliss. You must know goodness , journey and  destination! A sure change. Personally. The present moment and the fulfillment of the deepest dream. The songs we sang to the top of our lungs with the last breathe. Hitting the money note better than any pro-tools mechanism.
What will you miss? The gleam in the eyes of a father's love for his daughter after the unexpected ,"daddy I love you" accompanied by the pure warm hug of a child, or the moment you meet the little being from your womb after 9 long months, the first time your eyes meet and you knew this was it.
Do they miss us? Do they remember when we were kids?  Just in case store up for that time. Say Hello, I love you, I need you, I pray you happiness, joy, laughter, then say so long. Whos' left behind, who's next? Will it change anything?
I pray you good fortune. I pray you an open mind free from ego, image, and power seeking desires. Give more than you take. Apologize. Smile at strangers. Cry. Sing. Dance. Buy it. Look Pretty. Share. Go, and show up. Hold Hands. Hug from the inside out. Respond. Pay attention, listen.
God Bless You
Thank You For Reading

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