Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We Learn

If your lucky enough (and I use the word luck ever so loosely) to work, play or socialize in multiple circles you learn very quickly the dysfunction of humanity isn't only prevalent in " Urban" communities but it is expansive. Watching Soap Opera as a child with my mother as she loving nurtured my hair, I'd wonder how all these wealthy people had so much drama. This memory was refreshed as I began the interviewing process for my final quarter's internship in college. I noticed the people I thought  would treat me poorly were extra careful not to and the ones I'd expected to be super supportive were the exact opposite.
Some of us gain on the job training skills, I'm gaining on the journey training skills. I'm learning by being treated poorly how to treat others well. You can never hinder someones growth nor can you accelerate it. If there is a resource or valuable piece of information that you have and you know another could greatly benefit from it, do not hoard it. Share it, there is MORE than enough abundance to do around. I learned this lesson as my tummy would be growling and "out of no where" I would be feed free of charge.
Gandhi said Be the change you want to see. I also want to add to that accept your current circumstance. Stop forcing the future to be here, or frequently re-playing the past.
I hope this was helpful, pass it on.
God Bless You

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